Why Become a Member?

Why Become a CCICI Member?

India has a dubious position in cloud computing. On one hand we probably have the second largest talent pool in cloud computing. On the other hand we lag way behind in cloud adoption even among other Asian countries.

At CCICI, we believe that, collectively, we can play the role of a catalyst in cloud adoption in India. We also believe that our effort can make a difference and accelerate cloud adoption in India.

If you are a professional with expertise in any aspect of cloud computing and you want to help accelerate cloud adoption in India, then CCICI can provide the right platform.


CCICI is a registered not-for-profit society comprising of volunteers who wish to contribute to the cause mentioned above. It works as an open community where every member has equal rights. However, to comply to the statutory regulation of registered society, we have a Governing Board and office bearers like:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

We have no physical office and no permanent employee. We do have cloud hosted collaboration infrastructure so that members can collaborate. Our registered office address is that of IEEE-Bangalore. We are also registered as a sister society of IEEE-CS. We have a working arrangement with IIIT-Bangalore where we can utilize their premise to organize meetings.

Major expense that we incur running CCICI are:

  • Professional fee paid to for maintaining and auditing our account
  • Charges for using the conference bridge
  • Professional fee paid for managing IT infrastructure and other administrative service

Our source of income is as follows:

  • Membership subscription
  • Interest earned from the corpus of fund build up from the life membership subscription
  • Donation for members and no members and non-members

What happens when you become a member?

When you become a member you:

  • Can participate in any of the Working Groups and Task Forces of CCICI
  • Will have a login id for this Wiki and you will be able to edit the content
  • Will get access to the CCICI repository
  • Will receive regular updates on the activities of CCICI
  • Can participate in the AGM
  • Become eligible to become an office bearer

You will also be able to take the lead and initiate any other activity which are in line with our goal. In short, it is entirely up to you to decide how you will like to contribute and promote our cause.