Cloud Study

Cloud Study

The objective of this outreach initiative is to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the “Indian Cloud Marketplace” than any other organization
  • Leverage the process of conducting the study to reach out to different institutions across India and spread awareness about CCICI
  • Complement the white paper with quantitative data
  • Build in-depth multi-dimensional database of cloud adoption across micro-segments which becomes an IPR of CCICI

The expected scope is to:

  • Cloud Adoption: Provide a view of current cloud computing state in India (With market size, adoption by vertical and segments)
  • Success Stories: Assess business benefits achieved in implementations by conducting primary interviews in identified list of companies
  • Digital Services in India: Benchmark India on maturity of Digital services offered through cloud  
  • Data Centre in India: Understand the current state of data centers available in India, drivers of growth and regulatory policy implications
  • Roadblocks to Adoption: Analyze the roadblocks affecting the adoption of cloud across industries

Expected benefits for different stakeholders are:


  • Reach a wide audience, creating brand awareness
  • Database of cloud adoption in firms, which can act as Intellectual Property (IP) for CCICI
  • Determine path forward for the organization


  • Understand current trends in cloud computing industry of India
  • Basis to understand the policy requirements by the different participants in the industry
  • Understand the practical roadblocks to cloud adoption, enabling better focus for collaboration

Cloud Service Providers:

  • Understand customer needs and roadblocks better to provide better services
  • Understand the industry benchmarks to improve their offerings
  • Determine priority segments
  • Understand present state of cloud computing in India, major players, talent pool etc.
  • Understand customer needs and demand to target priority segments
  • Define standards and build requisite ecosystem
  • Get understanding of the data center growth and demand in India to update their expansion plans
  • Drive government advocacy
  • Target customer segments

Cloud Study Report 

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