History of CCICI

CCICI is a Collaborative Platform bringing together technical experts from across Industry, Academia, Government Labs and professional bodies to promote Innovation around Cloud computing in India. This has evolved into a one of a kind initiative in India.

The idea of CCICI was conceived in February, 2013. The initiative brought together like minded professionals who were interested in promoting cloud computing in India. An Advisory Board of eminent personalities was formed to guide this initiative.

IEEE came forward to incubate CCICI for a period of two years. They provided us with the collaboration infrastructure and guided us to move forward. During the incubation period, two objectives were expected to be achieved:

  • Publish a white paper on the state of cloud adoption in India through crowd-sourcing
  • To get CCICI registered as a society

Both objectives were achieved. Two versions of the white paper were released and CCICI got registered as a not-for-profit society on September, 2014.

Once the incubation period ended, as a not-for-profit society, several actions needed to be taken to get the CCICI fully functional.

  • We invited, invited institutions and individuals to become founder member of CCICI
  • We formed a Governing Board from among the members to run the society
  • We setup our own collaboration infrastructure which included conference calling facility, a cloud repository to host all our artifacts and a Wiki to be the public facing version of CCICI

Highlights of what we have achieved during this brief period of existence are:

  • Effective Interactions with Government: We have been actively involved with the DeitY in the roll out of their Cloud Computing Strategy. Specifically, we participated in the
    • Consultation by the Cloud Strategy Committee driven by Kiran Karnik
    • Consultation on formation of the Cloud Management Office and the Draft RFP for Cloud Management office
    • Review of the draft RFP for Provisional Accreditation of Cloud Service Providers
    • Submitted a Draft MoU to Govt of Telangana to enable the establishment of their Cloud Enabled Data Center

Release of the Whitepaper: “Cloud Computing Innovation in India – A Framework and Roadmap” Whitepaper v2.0 released on CCICI Website and IEEE Explore.

Conducted an effective outreach program: Overall 12 workshops, participation in 30+ external events and continuation of numerous face to face sessions and Stakeholder meetings.

Formed an affiliation with several institutions:

  • Formal MoUs with IEEE-CS and CeG Karnataka.
  • Affiliations with NIST, TSDSI and SNIA ongoing at an informal level.