Types of Memberships

Individual Membership

You can become an Individual Life Member by paying a one time membership fee of INR 6,000/-. This amount will go towards building our corpus. We use the interest derived from the corpus towards our running expense.

Institutional Membership

Categories of Institutional Members

Category Life Membership Annual Membership
Startup (<5 Crore Annual revenue) Rs. 20,000 Rs. 5,000
Mid Size Enterprise (5 to 50 Crore Annual revenue) Rs. 1,25,000 Rs. 25,000
Large Enterprise (> 50 Crore Annual revenue) Rs. 3,50,000 Rs. 70,000
Education Institute (established <10 years ago) Rs. 20,000 Rs. 5,000
Education Institute (established >=10 years ago) Rs. 1,25,000 Rs. 25,000


Please contact thambyraj@ccici.in for more information

To help you to explore if CCICI is the right platform for you, we provide a two month trial period where you can pledge to become a member but defer paying the subscription during the trial. In this period you will have full rights of a member except taking part in AGM and becoming an office bearer.