This task force is to prepare guidelines for the Cloud RfP’s, MSA and SLA’s for consideration of DeitY or any other affiliated organization.

The primary outcomes from this Task Force are :

  • Recommendation for Master Service Agreement (MSA) for the “Provisional Accreditation of Cloud Service Providers”,
  • Recommendation for SLAs for the Services listed in the “Provisional Accreditation of Cloud Service Providers”,
  • Draft RfP template to be used by Government Agencies to avail accredited services.

Government and many other affiliated organizations have spent significant amount on IT Infrastructure over past decade, but that was not sufficient and now the Digital India programme is expecting multifold investment compared to what has been done in the past. With G2C approach of the new government, Digital landscape of India will grow by more than 100 times in next 4-5 years. Traditional model of getting sizing done for hardware for a 5 years term and procuring hardware which is just 2-5% utilized for first 3 years is no longer going to work for the government.

Security is going to be another major concern for the Government of India, as G2C applications will run on Internet and the traditional on-premise hosting model is vulnerable to threats over Internet used for Citizen services. Cloud is the only solution that will help the government to target 100 fold growth in their digital landscape, but rolling out Cloud services is another major challenge for the government.

Majority of the Cloud service providers offer their Cloud platforms with different flavors and different features. There is no standardized Cloud model that works for everyone. Some service providers offer virtualization and name it cloud, some offer horizontal scaling only which works for eCommerce and Internet companies, while some are offering vertical scaling.

CCICI Task Force for Cloud Services is focused on helping government of India to significantly cut down their investment in IT Infrastructure and contribute minimum 70% cost savings Y-o-Y. we will help the concerned government departments to get rid of the sizing myth, which is the main culprit behind huge capex investment. “pay-per-use” model will be truly implemented to make sure govt pays only for the compute resources and services used. This task force will help the government to draft the RFP’s, MSA and SLA’s, which will ensure smooth and quicker rollout of the Cloud Services. This task force will continue to support government for initial period of 1 year and also take responsibility for smooth rollout without any disputes and proof of the cost savings achieved.

CCICI Task Force for Cloud Services will also ensure that all the addon Cloud flavors required by the DeitY will come at far reasonable price and close to 100% uptime. Services like Desktop as a Service and Disaster Recovery have been ignored till now due to their cost disadvantage, but now this will become possible to rollout with guaranteed cost savings of more than 70% Y-o-Y.