Multi-Vendor Cloud Service Network

Multi vendor cloud service network


Objective of this task force is to develop a framework for multi-vendor cloud service providers engagement.

The components of the framework will be:

  • Business Context, Drivers, Need and Vision
  • Risks and CSF’s
  • Landscape and Ecosystem Players
  • Architecture or Reference Model
  • Deployment Scenario
  • Performance Management, SLA and MSA
  • Skills, Capabilities & Competencies Required
  • Business Case, Scenario and Use Case

Questions that this task force will attempt to answer are:

  • What’s driving the push towards the Multi vendor cloud environment in Government?
  • What are the biggest risks when deploying a range of cloud solutions  with Multi Vendor Cloud Service Provider s?
  • And are most IT organizations considering them fully before taking this best-of-breed approach?
  • Why/When should a multi-vendor approach be considered?
  • How will this approach be managed?
  • Will it mean a larger overhead for my team / vendor manager?
  • How would different SLAs between providers give a better outcome?
  • Why is the traditional approach to IT management not well suited for this hybrid environment?
  • What new IT skills are required to administer and manage several cloud  platforms and on-premises resources in an integrated fashion?
  • What are the biggest mistakes you see companies make when trying to manage a  hybrid, best-of-breed environment?
  • How can IT organizations maintain agility and flexibility when dealing with a combination of deployments?