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Interoperability Test Bed

Cloud Computing technology is causing explosive changes in the IT industry. Standards and interoperability have a major role to play for two reasons. First, lock-in to proprietary technologies is a major inhibitor for Cloud Computing. Standards and interoperability can prevent this lock-in, and result in major cost savings for customers and Government. Secondly, standards and interoperability will foster the growth of game-changing Intercloud Applications such as a passport issuance system that will directly query a police department database to check the criminal record of an applicant. Reduction of the cost of Cloud Computing and the development of new Intercloud Applications will not only benefit users but also lead to the expansion of the market for Cloud Computing for vendors. Thirdly, Cloud Computing is at a nascent stage, and it is important at this point to promote participation from India

To achieve the above objectives, the CCICI has set up a Standards and Interoperability Task Force in CCICI. The SITF will work with standards making bodies such as TSDSI in India to function as a standards-making body. Furthermore, the SITF will focus on two concrete deliverables to achieve the objectives listed above. To avoid vendor lock-in, it will create and enhance an Interoperability Test Suite to certify that two clouds are interoperable with each other. The other major activity of the SITF is to foster the growth of Internet Applications by identifying gaps in the existing standards, proposing the additional standards needed, and providing a reference implementation.

The SITF has a number of nodal institutions, which are hosting the resources needed for work at the institutions. At present, there are three nodal SITF institutions, which are academic institutions (IIIT-H, MNIT-Jaipur, and PES University-Bangalore). However, membership in the SITF itself is open to CCICI members, and the activities described above would be conducted at the institutions under the supervision and the guidance of members of the SITF. The following proposal describes the SITF activities in detail, as well as the funding needed at the nodal institutions for kick-starting the standards development activity. By appropriate funding, as well as investment from the nodal institutions and other SITF members, the pace of SITF activities can be accelerated.

Task Force Members

Reena Dayal Yadav
Emmanuel Pilli
Dinkar Sitaram